Trackmaster built the Trackmaster TMX425 to be the best stress treadmill in the industry. They did so by making it smoother, quieter and more reliable than any competitor, while centering the design on the absolute safety and comfort of the patient. The trackmaster 425 treadmill is self-calibrating, virtually maintenance-free and the safety features include a low profile deck, incredibly smooth belt operation and an easy-to-reach emergency stop switch. The large 22" x 63" deck absorbs impact while providing plenty of room to run or walk, and ergonomically designed handrails inspire patient confidence. Available manual and fully programmable rail-mounted controllers are simple and intuitive, allowing the treadmill to be used intependently from the stress system.


User capacity of 500lbs. Frame of heavy-gauge steel Epoxy powder coat in jet-black rail with white finish
siderails are standard

Drive System

Heavy duty 2.2 HP AC inverter drive
110V, 60Hz, 15A
208/220V, 60 Hz, 15A
All international standards available

Speed Range

0.5-12 MPH (220V)
0.5-10 MPH (110V)
Auto Speed Reset (ASR)

Elevation Range

0-25% standard

Running Surface

22" x 63" cushioned, lubricated, low profile (5" from floor)
Double-sided running deck

Floor Surface Requirements

33" x 88" level surface