Rigid endoscopes are the oldest type on the market. They are used in the majority of surgical endoscopic applications and enable endoscopists to visualize the surface of organs, their vessels, or pathological changes without large incisions of the body and delivering a view even more clear than with the naked eye.

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Stryker 1088 Hysteroscopy / Camera-Head, X7000 Light Source/ SDC Ultra

$ 5,995.00 $ 4,500.00

Full Set up for Hysteroscopy Stryker 1088 HD  / Camera-Head,  Stryker X7000 Light Source/  SDC Ultra Video Image capture Monitor Optional Wolf HD 2.7 30 degree Scope  Operative Bettocchi Sheath & Diagnostic Sheath Add $2,400.00 High-definition video with 1280 x 1024 native output Progressive-scan technology 10-bit digital processing provides optimal clarity Direct fiber optical outputs Increased intra-operative brightness offers improved resolution...