A mobile stretcher typically consists of a patient platform made of steel, aluminum, or plastic, mounted on a wheeled frame that may incorporate mechanical, electronic, or hydraulic devices for adjusting the platform’s height. Fixed-height stretchers are generally lighter, and less complex than adjustable-height models, but the latter can match the elevation of other surface levels, providing easier, safer patient transfers. Most stretchers can be accessorized to accommodate intravenous poles, patient monitors, oxygen tanks, articulating headpieces, and other equipment. They may also function as beds. Most stretchers provide mattresses, adjustable siderails, and straps.

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Hill-Rom Stretcher

$ 3,000.00 $ 1,800.00

With 5th Wheel 700LB Capacity  Comes with new Mattress  Hill-ROM Stretcher. 

Linak Foot Control

$ 375.00

Linak Foot Control $375 each 2 In Stock