$ 6,790.00

CardioSuite® is the first complete fully integrated PC-based Resting ECG, Stress Testing ECG and Holter Monitoring PC cardiology system. The patient records and test results from all ECG components are seamlessly stored and managed by a single database which is unlimited and offers EMR and networking compatibilities.

CardioSuite® provides state-of-the art care in all activities – we care about you and your patients

A Turnkey PC ECG/PC EKG Cardiology WorkStation

Responding to the cost pressures within today's
medical community, while enhancing Diagnostic
and Administrative performance, Nasiff Associates
has created it's CardioSuite® PC ECG/PC EKG.

By successfully integrating individual CardioCard®
Modules of Resting Interpretive PC ECG/PC EKG,
Stress ECG (treadmill additional) and Holter ECG
(digital recorder) into a SINGLE system, CardioSuite®
offers the medical professional a complete integrated Cardiology System.

Further, the patient records and test results from all ECG database which offers virtually unlimited Patient Record Storage, Analysis and Telecommunication/ Networking capability modalities are seamlessly stored and managed

by a single database which offers Telecommunication/ Networking, virtually unlimited Patient Record Storage, and Analysis capability.

CardioSuite® includes:


  • CardioCard® Resting Interpretive PC ECG System

    ... the future of Healthcare. All CardioCard® products (ECG, Holter, Stress, NIBP
    and Temperature) are connected and come with the
    Cardio Universal EMR Interface™