$ 3,295.00

Nasiff CardioHolter Monitoring ECG System

CardioHolter™ is a compact, comprehensive and feature-rich monitoring system. The 5 and 12- lead Holters are fully interpretive with pacemaker detection. The 3 channel display screen with event button provides reliable and accurate reporting. The system is EMR compatible with an unlimited database. (recorders can be worn for 24-96 hours)

CardioHolter™ provides state-of-the art care during daily activities – we care about you and your patients

    • ONE (1) Flash Digital 24-48 hour Full Disclosure Recorder
    • Free Training and Toll-free Technical Support
    • One AA Alkaline Battery (disposable)
    • Digital Recorder: 3.45"W x 2.6"H x .75"D (5 ounces with battery)
    • Two-year Software Warranty, Two-year Recorder Warranty, Free
      Upgrades (during two-year warranty period)
    • 3 Channels includes 5 patient lead cables
    • User Selectable Arrhythmia Variable Settings
    • On-screen Condensed/Zoom View: 1 or 10 minute, 2 or 4
      second Intervals
    • Standard Reports to Screen or Printer: Summary of Test with
    • Diagnostics, Event/Episode Reports, Full Disclosure of all ECG’s,

      Heart Rate Variability Histograms, R-R Dispersion Graphs, ST

      Graphs, VF Tables/Graphs, ST Severity Tables

  • Includes Software and Database Management System (no additional cost)
  • Flash Recorder has 3 Channel Display, 5- leads, CF Card, Belt
    and User Manual
  • Storage of Patient ECG Records to Hard Drive, Floppy or any Storage Medium
  • Complex Classifications: PVC, VE Run, Couplet, Triplet, Bigeminy, Trigeminy, R on T, SVPB, SVE Run, Pauses, PE, AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and more
  • For Flash Recorder: Removable COMPACT FLASH Memory Cards (standard CF compact flash card)
  • Flash Uses CF Compact Flash Card Slot as Download Interface (we supply this)