Burdick LEII Interpretive EKG Machine - MEDPROSHOP
$ 1,043.25
Eclipse LE Interpretive EKG System by Burdick
The Eclipse LE II is a fantastic choice for everyday ECG operation because of its simple, intuitive operation and extensive feature set. The full-sized reports save time and money by eliminating the need for mounting. You can enter patient information onto the report using the full-sized alphanumeric keyboard. It can also be upgraded to include exercise stress, allowing you to expand your practice with another reimbursable operation at a minimal cost.
8.5 x 11 reports in their entirety 2 × 40 alphanumeric LCD screens Full alphanumeric keyboard On the strip, patient ID#, age, sex, race, medications, clinical classification, location, lead markings, and acquisition parameters are marked. Reports with three, four, or six channels are available. Exercise Stress is a feature that can be upgraded.