$ 9,445.00
  • Fast Cycles
36 Minute wrapped instruments complete cycle, including drying
  • Optimal chamber capacity
More than 80% chamber capacity extra-long trays
  • Convenient loading
Open the door to 110º ensures it will not block your smooth loading of the chamber
  • Remote Wi-Fi
Monitor your autoclave via smartphone or tablet app
  • Advanced documentation
A variety of documentation and traceability options and barcodes
  • User-friendly touch screen control panel
Displays programs, cycles times, water levels and more
Cycle Programs Load Type Cycle Time with Drying
Unwrapped Instruments 273 oF Unwrapped Instruments 20 minutes
Wrapped Pouches 273 oF Wrapped Pouches 39 minutes
Unwrapped delicate 250 oF Unwrapped Delicate Instruments 35 minutes
Wrapped Delicate 250 oF Wrapped Delicate Instruments 60 minutes